Upcoming Events

One of the ways we support students is holding different types of events. These events are always free and open to all LaunchDeck members. Some types of events we host include speaker panels, fireside chats, networking round tables, workshops to learn new skills, and hackathons. Check out some events we have coming up!

Weekly LaunchTalks

LaunchTalks features a distinguished guest in tech and entrepreneurship every week. Hear the best insights from the best in their field. Check out our full schedule here.

Mobile Dev Workshops - iOS

Interested in how iOS apps are built? Have an app idea that you have been burning to bring to life? Join LaunchDeck’s 4-6 workshop series on iOS Development with Theron Mansilla ‘23, LaunchDeck’s Technical Lead. zoom

Introduction to Swift - Tuesday, 4/6 @ 8 PM EST
We will take a deep dive into the Swift programming language and compare Swift to Python.

Introduction to Xcode - Tuesday, 4/13 @ 8 PM EST
We will learn about the Xcode Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on how to navigate Xcode and access essential components.

Build a Note Taking App Part 1 - Tuesday, 4/20 @ 8 PM EST
Let's build an iOS app! This app lets the user jot down notes while reading. We will be setting up the User Interface (UI).

Build a Note Taking App Part 2 - Tuesday, 4/26 @ 8 PM EST
We will construct the data model for our app, introducing the concept of classes and how to connect the UI to actual code.