Project Funding

Have a cool project idea? We can help you get started with up to $500 of pre-seed funding and access a network of mentors to support you. There are three simple steps for getting your project funded all described in the project proposal guidelines.

📑 Step 1: Fill out the project proposal form.
Filling this out in detail is crucial for a successful funding application. Describe your project, how much funding you need, and what the funds will be used for.

💸 Step 2: Meet with the funding team.
Go over your application with the funding team to clarify any questions we have. Establish milestones to ensure successful completion of the project.

✅ Step 3: Meet during milestone check-ins with the funding team.
Periodically check-in based on the milestones set with the funding team.


All members of LaunchDeck are eligible for project funding. If you are not already a member of LaunchDeck, join here.